15/08/2015 Sim Racers UK Facebook group created

Ian Roots Founder member

Dean Wallington Admin

Lee Deamer Admin

Group created so that the 3 members could have a point of contact and to chat about Project Cars and run a private league based on that title.

30/12/2015 Group made the switch from Project Cars to iRacing

01/09/2016 Senad Kocan (Sweden) Joined the iRacing team and became a group admin

06/09/2016 Group name changed to Simracersworld

30/12/2016 1st group logo conceived

01/03/2017 Stuart Musselwhite (UK) joined the team and became a group admin

04/2017 Facebook group hit 50 members

Lee Deamer leaves the team to start a successful new venture with British Sim Racers organising the highly popular Simmortal Porsche league.

11/2017 Sebastian Heberer (Germany) joined the team and became a group admin

04/2018 Facebook group hit 100 members

04/2018 website domains Simracersworld.com and .co.uk purchased.

04/2018 Gregory Vranckx (Belgium) joined the team and became a group admin

21/04/2018 2nd group logo conceived

05/2018 Website constructed and published

05/2018 1st successful private league organised using GT3 class on iRacing. 20+ Registered drivers. 10-15 regular drivers for each of the 6 weekly rounds. Gregory Vranckx becomes the first SRW Champion.

05/2018 DynamiXX.be become the official series Sponsor and funds the costs for running the 1st series.

07/2018 Facebook group membership doubles to 200 members

07/2018 website hits reach 2000

08/2018 Official iRacing league set up and season 2 announced

08/2018 ThaenzIT! become series sponsor to help fund season 2

09/2018 Season 2 Autumn series commences 30+ registered drivers, 20-30 regular drivers for 12 week season

09/2018 Facebook group membership doubles to 400 members

09/2018 website hits reach 4000

11/2018 Season 2 the Autumn Series concludes with a live broadcast by Apex Racing TV at the Grand Finale from Spa and the Pro and Am champions were crowned. Bart Daelman and Benjamin Meeus.

12/2018 Season 3 was announced and expanded to 40 drivers. 30 drivers from season 2 re-signed immediately. registration was then re-opened to the public and within 8 minutes all remaining grid slots were taken and the decision was made to increase that amount to 50. These were also filled within minutes. The Winter Series looked to be the most successful yet with Apex Racing TV broadcast the entire series live on youtube. Simracersworld is definitely on the map!

12/2018 website hits reach 7000

12/2018 Facebook group membership reaches 550 members

02/2019 Facebook group membership reaches 650 members

03/2019 Second sponsorship deal was made with ABRUZZI Simulator wear for the coming season 4

03/2018 Season 4 was announced and expanded to 50 drivers. 25 drivers from season 3 re-signed immediately. registration was then re-opened to the public and within 24hours all remaining grid slots were taken. 48 cars took the grid at the opening round as the series continues to gain interest around europe.

05/2019 A merchandise deal was done with Gamers Apparel available to the public as well as community and team members

05/2019 Facebook group membership reaches 750 members

05/2019 website hits reach 11000

07/2019 Season 4 Concludes with Maarten Van Loozenoord as overall champion in Gold, Davy Wittebols as Silver Champion and David Fuller as Bronze champion. Team champions were RaceKraft eSports as Gold winners, DynamiXX Racing took both Silver and Bronze championships which went to the wire! A highly successful championship all round.

07/2019 Application was made to iRacing to have the series showcased on their Esports Network

08/2019 Season 5 was announced and registration only took 6 minutes! The grid was increased to 55 drivers with all slots being taken in rapid time. same format as season 4 with small tweaks. The series continued to grow so it was announced that there would be a name change to the league to accomodate a second grid. The PRO and EVO Leagues were born.

08/2019 Application to iRacing to have the series showcased on their Esports Network was approved and the partnership with Apex Racing TV continued to grow

08/2019 website hits reach 15000

08/2019 Facebook group membership reaches 900 members


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