Who are we?

Simracersworld started life as Simracers UK in August 2015 on Facebook. The group began life as a place where people could go to share simracing videos or just chat about their experiences of online and offline simracing. no platform was ignored and no racing title was excluded. within 6 months it had become clear that the majority of members were using the same sim title. iRacing. It also became obvious that those same members were looking for privately organised races away from the sometimes chaotic official races on iRacing. So we started organising fun racing nights, these soon became a regular occurence on a Thursday and as the word spread across Benelux, the numbers began to grow, and before long we were hosting nights of 20 strong grids of GT3 cars. There was never a masterplan for SRW to grow and become one of the most well known sim communities in northern Europe, it just kind of happened. Fast forward to 2020 and we have over 1600 members and organise multiple leagues within the community all of those leagues are broadcast on YouTube every week. We have come a long way in less than 5 years and we are very proud of what we have achieved.


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