iRacing League ID 3512

No broadcast

SRW Rulebook

Overall Championship

No Class Championship

No Team Championship

Monday night practice

Thursday night race

Post race control

Registered drivers only

55 Grid Slots

No race entry fee

Trading paints system

Season 5 will be the biggest season yet.

At the end of season 3 we decided that a change of race night was the right thing to do so we didnt clash with other long standing broadcasts on the platform. This change meant that we sadly lost a few of the regular drivers that could not commit to the new race night. At SRW we made a promise to those drivers for their loyalty that we would give them a race night.


Season 5 is where this promise happens.

We will be running two leagues under new names from September. Yes you read that right. Two leagues. The newly named Pro League is the highly competitive strict rule entry and much sought after Apex Racing TV broadcast series on a wednesday night and the Evo League is a free to race, non-broadcasted league running the same calendar and practice night with the same rulebook as the Pro league. There is no strict eligibilty for this league. All you need to do is register your entry and you are eligible.

If you are unlucky and don't get a spot in the PRO League then why not take the plunge and race in the EVO series?, who knows? it may be a route into the PRO series for season 6.

see below for more information and click the each of the logos to take you to those leagues pages.

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iRacing League ID 2923

Live broadcast by Apex TV

SRW Rulebook

Overall Championship

Class Championship

Team Championship

Monday night practice

Wednesday night race

Live Race control

Registered drivers only

55 Grid slots

Race entry fee

Paint upload required

SRW GT EVO Esports Network Thumnail.png
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Simracersworld supports two cancer charities in recognition of 

group members and their loved ones who have been affected by this disease

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