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At Simracersworld® we have made it quite obvious that we can become a strong force on the Esports marketplace with broadcasts and league organisation but for this to work we are looking to hire commentators and broadcasters with experience of the SDK gaming streaming software.

The Position

We are looking for commentators to strengthen our team on the new Simracersworld® TV Esports broadcast YouTube channel

Position Requirements
  • Experience preferable but not essential, a passion for motorsport in general and knowledge of iRacing platform

  • A current iRacing account with a high content of cars and tracks

  • Knowledge of the SDK gaming software

  • Knowledge of OBS

  • A good quality Microphone

  • Reliable good quality internet connection

  • A PC that is capable of running iRacing with 60 cars displayed

  • Knoweldge of Discord

  • Be available at weekends and evenings

Position Responsibilities
  • Ensure iRacing is update and your account subscription is always current

  • Be on time in the broadcast booth and liaise with your broadcaster

  • Ensure the SDK gaming software is up to date with current latest versions

  • Have great communication skills and give at least 48 hours notice of non-availibility.

  • Be active on SRW social media and promote the brand in the best possible way

  • Provide Paypal or Bank account details and an invoice for your services for every series or one off brodcasts you provide on our behalf

What we offer
  • The ability to work with a fast growing highly respected Sim Racing Esports brand

  • Opportunities in the future to represent the brand at Esports live events

  • Great hourly pay rates

  • Free entry to any Series that Simracersworld® Leagues organises, that you do not commentate on.

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Contact Us

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