Simracersworld started life as Simracers UK in August 2015 on Facebook. The group began life as a place where people could go to share simracing videos or just chat about their experiences of online and offline simracing. no platform was ignored and no racing title was excluded. within 6 months it had become clear that the majority of members were using the same sim title. iRacing. It also became obvious that those same members were looking for privately organised races away from the sometimes chaotic official races on iRacing. So we started organising fun racing nights, these soon became a regular occurence on a Thursday and as the word spread across Benelux, the numbers began to grow, and before long we were hosting nights of 20 strong grids of GT3 cars. There was never a masterplan for SRW to grow and become one of the most well known sim communities in northern Europe, it just kind of happened. Fast forward to 2020 and we have over 1700 members and organise multiple leagues within the community, with all of those leagues broadcast on YouTube every week. We have come a long way in 5 years and we are very proud of what we have achieved.

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If you need information

regarding a Simracersworld league, then please click the Discord logo and join the league community for all up to date information regarding current and future series

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2021 One-Off Package
  • Includes first hour

  • Discord meeting to discuss your needs

  • Commentator and Broadcaster

  • Pre race show and post race interviews

  • Custom overlays and project files

  • Use of the Simracersworld® Discord

  • Sponsor coverage included per broadcast

  • Live on YouTube

  • Restream to 2 other destinations




With Discord meetings arranged so we ensure that you are involved from the start, we can cater for your needs. Such as sponsor coverage, driver interviews or even audience participation.

we are transparent in costing and can quote you for individual one off events all the way up to 36 week seasons. It can be as short as a one hour broadcast or as long as 24 hour broadcast, we have it covered.

Our commentators are dedicated and passionate. They invest themselves in your event or series and will work with you to ensure that the smallest detail is known about your drivers and your series rulebook.

2021 Season Package
  • Includes first hour

  • Discord Meeting to discuss your needs

  • Commentator and Broadcaster

  • Pre race show and post race interviews

  • Custom Overlays and Project File

  • Use of the Simracersworld® Discord

  • Series sponsor included

  • No additonal fee per broadcast for 2nd Sponsor coverage

  • Live on YouTube

  • Restream to 2 other destinations



Simracersworld TV are currently fully booked for the remainder of 2021
We have limited availability for Q1 2022
If you wish to contact us to discuss your options please use the contact form
and someone will get back to you very soon.

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"We have worked with Simracersworld TV since summer of 2020. Their broadcasts have been excellent - commentators are extremely knowledgable about racing history and the insights they share about simracing proves that they are very experienced simracers themselves.  After every race I receive a lot of positive feedback from the racers and their fans about the broadcasts. Highly recommended !!!"

Robbert van den Heuvel

SimracerCoin GT3 League Owner

"When we decided to organise a virtual championship, we chose SRW TV for the broadcast. From the start the enthusiasm of the commentators, combined with the great mixing of the images was a big success. Our drivers, spectators and sponsors gave us a great feedback about the live stream so we decided to continue with SRW TV for our upcoming championships."

Andy Jaenen
Simtag Race Simulators owner. 
Belcar Endurance Championship coordinator.

"When Porsche Club GB launched its sim racing championship in early 2020, we contacted Simracersworld about regular live broadcasts. Our partnership is now enjoying its second season of Porsche 911 Cup racing, with a professional commentary duo we wouldn’t be without. The live coverage is full of great visuals, timely replays and top-notch insights. The commentary team not only informs the viewers, but educates and entertains too, ensuring everybody, new and old alike, thoroughly enjoys the racing experience."

Mark Phillips

Porsche Club GB Esports Manager

"Our Sunday Drivers MX5 Cup has been able to grow into a strong championship with packed grids, in many ways thanks to the broadcasts on SRW TV. We are now ending our first season of broadcasting which has been an absolute blast. Thanks to the professionalism of Ian Roots and his team of broadcasters that extra little bit of emotion and tension is added to our races. The fact that our friends and families can follow our successes and mess ups live makes the experience all the more lively. We are already looking forward to our next season and will be watching back the streams time and time again. Thanks SRW TV!"

Sander Ware

Sunday Drivers League Owner

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At Simracersworld we are lucky to work with some of the most amazing people around the world.

The businesses showcased here are directly associated with leagues we own and operate or are broadcast on Simracersworld TV.

If you feel that you would benefit from becoming a partner then please use the contact form and we will be in touch.

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Jack Oliphant

Country of Residence : England

Full time occupation : Full time commentator

Relaxation outside of work : Gaming and Motorsport

Favourite Drink : Whiskey

What's your dream job? : To commentate on BTCC and be a content creator

Who is your hero? John Hindhaugh (IMSA Radio) I worked with him once and he is a master at the art of commentary.

Commentator History : PMR eSeries with YearOne - BSR MX5 Pro Series with YearOne TV - DynamiXX NASCAR with SRW TV - WTCR with NXTGEN - PMR NXTGEN Porsche iRacing League - XTCR with Exiled virtual motorsport - Virtual race of rememberence with YearOne TV.

Tell us something funny or interesting about yourself : I get so badly car sick, that even when i raced I would make myself ill. In my first ever drive of a Ginetta G55 I managed 10 minutes around Brands Hatch Indy circuit before coming in and throwing up right in front Team Hards BTCC garage!


Chaz Draycott

Country of Residence : England

Full time occupation : Full time commentator

Relaxation outside of work : Painting

Favourite Food : Salt & Pepper chicken

What's your dream job? : Social media Grammar police!

Who is your hero? Andrew Neil (Journalist)

Commentator History : Too many series to list here but i have worked on Simracersworld TV - Racespot - Apex Racing TV - Alpha TV - GT Planet - I also have worked on many real life events such as the Nurburgring 24 Hour - UK S2000 championship - 2CV 24 Hour race at Snetterton and numerous Karting races including  the 24 hour at Buckmore Park.

Tell us something funny or interesting about yourself : I get horrendously motion sick at the slightest things, which isn't ideal for someone who enjoys racing cars and aircraft so much.


Peter Mackay

Country of Residence : Scotland

Full time occupation : Full time commentator and Motorsport writer

Relaxation outside of work : Watching Motorsport

Favourite Drink : St Bernadus abt 12 beer / Kip state

What's your dream job? : To lead commentate on MotoGP

Who is your hero? Jim Clark

Commentator History : IMSA iRacing triple crown challenge - PorscheSport Carrera Cup with Racespot - Porsche Club GB eSeries with SRW TV - Ricmotech GT Challenge - Ricmotech Sports car series - Ricmotech classic 

Bathurst 250 - SRW GT EVO - SRW TCR - Simracer coin GT3 world league and many more!

Tell us something funny or interesting about yourself : I am the real life commentator at Knockhill Race Circuit and have commentated on two wheel, four wheel and rallycross events! I am also a failed Pro golfer and I was 2012 Scottish RCCC Curling champion!

Ed May


Jack Werrell

Country of Residence : England

Full time occupation : Full time Teenager

Relaxation outside of work : Driving in circles and Motorsport

Favourite Drink : Rich Tea & a cuppa

What's your dream job? : Professional GT Driver

Who is your hero? Ayrton Senna

Commentator History : Virtual Belcar eSeries - SRW TV GT PRO - SRW TV GT EVO - Porsche Club GB eseries with SRW TV - Sim Grid World Cup - SRW DAYTONA 500 - Simracer coin GT3 world league with SRW TV.  I have also worked on GSRC and Racespot.

Tell us something funny or interesting about yourself : I am following in my fathers footsteps (Mark Werrell) One day I hope I can commentate with him in a real life comms box! 

Hasse Romer

Country of Residence : Denmark

Full time occupation : Special needs teacher

Relaxation outside of work : Road cycling and plenty of slow gaming!

Favourite Food: Tex-Mex

What's your dream job? : Professional Real Life Commentator

Who is your hero? Murray Walker!

Commentator History : Virtual Belcar eSeries - SRW TV GT PRO  - SRW DAYTONA 500 - Simracer coin GT3 world league with SRW TV.  I have also worked on GT Sport on Half the race gone for 2 years.

Tell us something funny or interesting about yourself : Once, when i was five, i ran head-on in to a glass wall... Maybe that's where all the damage stems from!



Simracersworld Ltd

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United Kingdom

UK Reg no. 12539399

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